Here at E-Reader Backgrounds, we understand the plight of the starving artist, and we're here to help. You probably went to four years of college for this, and it's really hard to get work using your major. The best remedy for this is to get your name and your work out there and draw viewers in. You never know when the next person to check out your website will be looking to hire someone for a graphics project. What we are offering, for free, is an opportunity to expand that crucial fanbase.


Upon acceptance, three thumbnails of your sample work will be featured on the main page of this site, in the 'feature' section at the top. We will also include a sentence or two below those thumbnails. The images will link to your feature page, which will include a few more thumbnails (we prefer to host at least 9 total), which will link to full-size (600x800) images for users to download and use on their devices. At the top of this feature page, we will include whatever contact information you wish to present to your viewers. This should include a link to your website (if you have one) and anywhere else that people can go to see more unrestricted examples of your work.


We currently receive an average of approximately 952 unique visitors per month, and our monthly growth rate is above 50% (data as of 11/30/2011). Since your work will be featured on the front page, that means nearly all of those visitors will have a chance to see your work. This is your chance to rope them in. Your goal is to create three thumbnails for the front page that draw users' attention before they find the section that interests them on the side menu.

What to do

So, here's what we need from you. You should send, in an email, at least 9 grayscale samples of your work, formatted to 600x800 pixels, and indicate which three you want featured on the front page, along with a couple of sentences about your work and any contact information (website, email, Facebook fan page, etc.) that you want posted. That's it! We will email you when your page goes up and if it gets featured on the front page. All communication, including the initial submission, should be done via, and the initial submission should mention, either in the title or the body, that it is an artist submission.

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