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Welcome to E-reader Backgrounds. Here, you will find free backgrounds for your Kindle, Nook, or Sony Reader, that take up minimal space on your device. All images are black and white, and exactly the resolution of a standard e-reader screen to save space. If you have a picture you would like to see on the site, you can submit it here. Thanks for visiting ereaderbackgrounds.com, and enjoy!


New Host! The SOPA issue brought to our attention that we had a moral obligation to leave GoDaddy and not support them with our business. While the company has publicly reversed its position, we would much rather not associate with a company that ever thought that supporting such a bill was a good idea in the first place. We don't like getting political here, but we care about the internet. We're excited to carry on with Bluehost.

NOOK 1st edition fans! We now have a cropped version of every image to use for wallpaper, in addition to the screensaver images. Just navigate to the picture you want, and there will be a link at the top to crop it for that purpose. They're 600x760 and just have the top 40 pixels cut off so that the title bar just looks like it's on top.

Book Covers is now categorized by author to make it easier to navigate. It's alphabetical by first name for now.

New images! Check them out in Book Covers and Movies.

New file uploader! You no longer have to email files to submit them to the site. You can now upload them directly from your browser by clicking here.

Using these images

Amazon Kindle: The Kindle screensaver cannot be changed without some hacking. Fortunately, the jailbreak community is on top of it with screensaver hacks. Note that adding custom screensavers will void your warranty. Do so at your own risk. Instructions for performing the screensaver hack on Kindle 2.x and 3.x are available here.

Barnes and Noble Nook: The Nook seems to be made for background imagery. To add background options, connect it to your computer and simply add the files to the 'my wallpapers' folder. When you unplug the device, the new wallpapers will be available under Settings.

Adding screensavers to the Nook is almost as easy as backgrounds. Put the images that you want your device to cycle through into a folder, then copy that folder into the 'my screensavers' folder on your nook. The folder name will come up as an available screensaver on your Nook.

Sony Reader Pocket: The Reader also has a menu-based home screen that is not conducive to background imagery. Rather than slowly cycling through pictures, this device sets a single image on the screen when it's been idle longer than a specified time. Full instructions for setting the standby screen on a Sony Reader are available here.

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